Our Company

VIDACOLOR is a Ceramic Color Company which RESEARCHES, MANUFACTURES and SELLS materials for the production of ceramic tiles.

VIDACOLOR Group has its headquarters and a branch in one of the most important European ceramic tile industry cluster:

OPOZNO/KONSKIE area in POLAND (see on the map)

From its strategic location, VIDACOLOR's laboratories and qualified personnel:

- ASSIST customers in the design and industrial production of finished products,

- PROVIDE a full range of innovative and cost effective ceramic materials,

- DELIVER measurable cost reduction results while improving product quality.

We engage in research and development activities, from laboratory prototypes through industrial-scale production on customers’ premises.
We keep constantly in touch with our customers through an extensive sales network, transforming a supply relationship into a genuine partnership, capable of creating value for both parties.


R & D

VIDACOLOR Group has always invested all its resources in Research & Development activities for the purpose of continuously improving the quality of its new and existing products.
Both domestic and international  branches have laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for applied research, to assist customers in the design and industrial-scale manufacturing of their ceramic tiles.


The high-quality ceramic frits, pigments and raw materials we use to produce our finished products come from certified suppliers only.


Digital Ceramic Printing
Glazed and Unglazed Porcelain

Rapid and Traditional Double Firing
Single Firing
Third Firing

Our Services

The most advanced scientific know-how acquired over the years by the VIDACOLOR Group is at our customers' disposal. These support activities continue to evolve and are now VIDACOLOR’s most distinctive feature and key competitive advantage.

VIDACOLOR’s research and technical support laboratories and sales network provide high-quality services in terms of both technology and aesthetics.

VIDACOLOR technical and service structure help our customers to:

- achieve flexibility to react to continuos market changes

- respond to their technological growing needs

- solve everyday production problems.

New Product Design Assistance
New Product Design Assistance
Glazing Technology Consulting
Glazing Technology Consulting
Product Cost Reduction Analysis
Product Cost Reduction Analysis
Industrial-scale manufacturing Assistance
Industrial-scale manufacturing Assistance

Our Products

Glazes, crystallines and engobes for the production  of single firing, monoporosa, double firing, porcelain tile, artistic ceramic, glass and metals. In the form of dry printing bases, liquids and compounds, they are suitable for creating many different aesthetic results: matt, satin, gloss, rustic, metallic, special, coloured and neutral, clear and opacified, for engobe and coloured flame effects and for intermediate or final applications.
Opacified or transparent, lead-based or lead-free, matt, gloss or special. Available in the following forms:
- granular
- printing base
- controlled particle size granular frit.
Screen Printing Bases
Neutral or coloured bases to achieve different textures and surface characteristics using screen printing or silicone roller decoration. Particle sizes and rheologies have been meticulously controled to achieve optimal application results.
GLAZE STAINS: a wide range of pigments, suitable for ceramic glazes and silkscreen base pigmentation.
TINTOMER GLAZE STAINS: a selection of rich and highly saturated glaze stains.
Tintometer formulations are studied to
- offer wide chromatic scales
- reduce waste
- obtain shade stability and reproducibility
BODY STAINS: A complete range of high quality pigments for porcelain stoneware.

Get in Touch

Our branches are strategically located in the industrial districts of Opoczno/Konskie (Poland). All branches and production units have laboratories and qualified personnel to assist customers in materials applications and in the design and industrial production of finished products.

If you have a specific inquiry, please use the contact details below. Our Customer Service staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Vidacolor sp. z o. o.
Ul. Ceramiczna 5
26-200 Konskie